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Displaying our games on your website is easy. To do this, you must have at least 1 active terminal (login and password).
Integration steps are described below

STEP1 - Get a list of available Html5 games

To get a list of active games, use the command

HTTPS GET apiserver.solutions/remote_games_web

The API returns a json array of the following structure:

<actualdate>2017-06-30 06:15:17</actualdate>
<gamelist>json games array * </gamelist>

* json games array structure:
{"id":6,"name":"coolfire 2","games":[
    {"id":174,"name":"Coyote Cash","icon":"https://content.stargame.solutions/api/game/icon2/174","width":800,"height":600},
    {"id":254,"name":"Fairy Queen","icon":"https://content.stargame.solutions/api/game/icon2/254","width":1920,"height":1080},
"actualdate":"2018-01-15 11:16:06"}

where gamescount is the number of available games, gamelist - contains an array of games divided into categories.
Each category (family) contains id (id), name of a category (name), and a sub-array of games (games)
Each game in the games sub-array contains the id of the game (id), the name of the game (name), the web link to the icon (icon), and the dimensions in pixels (width and height)

STEP2 - Get User Session

To run the game on your site, in addition to its id, you also need to have an active user (terminal) session To get a session, use the User sessions management API , “set” command
Example of data to send:


If the response is successful, you will get an array of data from terminal in which the parameters of the active session can be found:
sessionid – session id, key1, key2 - keys
Complete example of working with API sessions can be found here

STEP3- Display the game on your site

After the previous two steps, you have an active terminal session and a list of games.
To display the game by its number, use the command

HTTPS GET apiserver.solutions/showgame?gameid=GAMEID&sid=SID&key1=KEY1&key2=KEY2

where GAMEID – id of desired game, SID, KEY1, KEY2 - session parameters
In return you will receive a window with the game of the original size. You can put it in the popup window on your website or into the built-in frame, reducing dimensions proportionally if necessary. In addition, you can also pass the language parameter LANG, the available values ​​are English (en) and Russian (en)

Fast integration (recommended)

Fast integration allows you to place the games on your website without spending time on API realization. You will need only to add several lines of program code to your page.

To run a game on your website you need to be registered as an agent in our system, to have a current hall and users that are attached to the hall. For registration in our system, please, contact our manager. See the information in "Contacts". 1334, game hall number 1890, hall secret word secret, game id 219.

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
var starconfig = {
	login: 1334,
	hash: "1a250ab682fd877c2117c87addf312e4",
	gameid: 219,
	width: 1024,
	height: 788,
	balanceChange: "changeMyBalance",
	closeWindow: "closeMyWindow",
	logo:  'My Company',
	logoword: 'CompanyName',
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://stargame.solutions/embed/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

The following parameters should be sent:

Parameter name Required Description
login Yes Login (game terminal id)
hash Yes md5 digest from line concatenation (hall number + secret word + user id)
gameid Yes Game id
width No Game window width
height No Game window height
balanceChange No A name of the Javascript function that is invoked by a game on your page, when user balance is changed
closeWindow No A name of the javascript function that is invoked by a game on your page, when the tab is closed.
logo No Copyright text in the lower right corner of the game window (is shown during launching a game). Maximum 20 characters ,spaces and numbers allowed
logoword No Copyright text. Shown on game load. Only latin characters allowed. No spaces . Maximum 9 characters.

The optimal size of a game window is 1024x788 for aristocrats type of games and 800x600 for the other games. If you set game window size that differs from the optimal, the original height-to width aspect ratio should be succeeded. Game window height and width can be set in percents.