Once serving as fun for only the few, by the present time the classic roulette has conquered the whole world. Incredibly magnetic, this game will get thrill-seekers fall in love. We present you Roulette Monte Carlo by MainamaGames Company. It is a traditional European roulette. The game has the table limit from 500 to 50000 credits. You can place the bet at your own will: on a certain number, a group of numbers or a whole sector. Traditionally bets are divided into inside and outside.

Inside bets:

One number. In case of victory, the payment is 35:1.

Two neighboring numbers. The chip is put on the border between the neighboring numbers. Payment – 17:1.

Three numbers which stand in one row. For example, 0, 2 and 3. Winning – 11:1.

A field of four neighboring numbers. Payment – 8:1.

Five selected numbers. Rate – 6:1.

Six selected numbers. Chips are to be placed on the extreme (for the six numbers) line. Rate – 5:1.

Outside bets:

A column –twelve numbers of one column. The chip is to be put on the line of one of the three columns with the inscription “2 to 1”. Winning – 2:1.

A dozen – one of the three sectors consisting of twelve numbers: “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, “3rd 12”. Payment – 2:1.

A colour – choose the red or the black sector. This bet includes all the red or all the black numbers. Rate – 1:1.

Even/odd – the chip is put on the “Even” sector or the “Odd” sector. Payment – 1:1.

Small/big numbers – sectors “1-18” or “19-36”. Payment – 1:1.

You win if the ball gets into a slot chosen by you. Do not miss your chance to play Roulette Monte Carlo! And may Lady Luck smile just upon you!


Roulette Monte Carlo

Release date June 6, 2016

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